Essential Oils That Contribute to a Glowing Complexion

Sure, skincare products help you achieve that enviable skin, but have you ever heard of essential oils that work the same?

There’s no better cure than natural, essential oils. They do wonders on the skin, and if you’re new to using them, make sure to do research first to find out the right ways to apply them.

For instance, some essential oils are too potent and need to be diluted first. Undiluted essential oils can cause irritation, scarring, and worse, burns. Indeed, too much is too bad!

In this article, we rounded up the best essential oils to enhance your overall complexion. Make sure to scroll further to find out:

Pure argan oil

Argan oil is an antioxidant powerhouse, which is essential in fighting signs of aging. It also contains hydration and nourishing properties, making it the ideal oil to add in your routine if you have wrinkles and dry skin.

Carrot seed oil

This amber-colored oil is great for sun-damaged, dry, and wrinkled skin. Extracted from carrot seeds, it contains hydrating and lightening ingredients to keep your skin smooth and your complexing glowing. If you are prone to dry skin especially during winter, carrot seed oil will be your new skincare best friend.

Lavender oil

Many people love this for its aromatherapy benefits, yet not much is known when it comes to its skin benefits. It can be used by different skin types—it doesn’t matter if you have dry, oily, or combination skin type. As long as you don’t have an allergy to this type of essential oil, chances are your skin will greatly benefit from this essential oil. Dermatologists would even swore by the power of lavender oil to treat acne, since the oil limits the spread of bacteria that worsens acne inflammation. Lavender oil can also be mixed with other essential oils! However, before mixing different oils, research on it first.

Monoi oil

The use of monoi oil can be rooted from centuries ago, back when the indigenous Polynesians use it for beauty, religious, and medicinal purposes. Derived from the Tahitian Monoi plant blooms, they are soaked in coconut-extracted oils. The resulting oil will help retain skin’s glow and hydration. It is also believed that monoi oil can help protect the skin from sun damage.

Lemongrass oil

This essential oil contains high levels of regenerative and detoxifying properties, making it one of the best essential oils that promote glowing complexion. Coming from the land of Sri Lanka and India, this helps minimize microbial and bacterial growth on skin, combating acne problems.

Tea tree oil

This list would not be complete without this cult-favorite essential oil. Tea tree is a beauty enthusiast’s holy grail for many reasons—it’s people’s first choice for treating acne and oily skin (plus it can help combat dandruff!). It contains high levels of antibacterial properties that will help control breakouts, as well as treat minor scrapes, cuts, and skin problems. You would not want to miss trying out this amazing essential oil!

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood rose to fame for its tantalizing, relaxing aroma. It has been around in India for ages because of its therapeutic and beauty benefits. It is considered an antiseptic, meaning it can help reduce hyperpigmentation to help you regain your glass-looking skin. If you are suffering from pimple scars, this is the perfect essential oil to try out.

Neroli oil

This essential oil helps boost cell regeneration, making it your perfect weapon to combat signs of aging such as crow’s feet and wrinkles! It’s a wonderful essential oil that treats ageing and sensitive skin types. It also contains antibacterial benefits that can aid acne treatment. And on top of these overwhelming benefits, it contains rejuvenation properties that can help minimize the scars and stretchmarks!

Rosehip oil

Also known as rosehip seed oil, this is usually extracted from Chile-based rosa canina rose bush. Pressed from seeds and fruits of the rose plant, it contains hydration, moisturizing, exfoliating, brightening, and protective properties! It’s as if all of the wonderful benefits can be reaped from a single essential oil. It can lock in moisture, help reduce inflammation, protect from harmful UV rays, minimize fine lines and scars, and help boost your skin’s collagen formation! It’s got everything you’ll ever look for an amazing skincare product.