List of Effective Indicators Every Technical Trader Should Know

A woman trader working in front of her laptop

SMA, EMA, buy and sell: If you happen to know these terms, most likely, you’ve been either learning how to trade or doing trade. Trading has been going around for quite some time now and becoming even more popular for Generation Z and Millenial folks nowadays. If you’re into Forex Trading, Commodities … Read more

What is B2B Marketing

business meeting

B2B or business-to-business marketing is a type of marketing wherein you sell your products to businesses or other organizations so they could use it in the production of goods, or in general business operations such as medical equipment, office supplies, or for resale to other consumers, like a wholesaler selling to a … Read more

How to Start Your Sewing Business at Home?


Whether it’s a life-long goal or a means to bounce back from this pandemic, establishing a sewing business in the comfort of your home poses a great potential to put your sewing skills to good use. Many people think that starting a sewing business requires blood, sweat, and tears. But the truth … Read more

Beauty Tips While Working from Home

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Are you working from home for the first time, or are you use to working from home that you forget how to put on makeup and take care of your skin? Even if you’re working from home, you should not forget how to take care of yourself and have some time off … Read more

Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home Office

Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home Office

Without the dress code and daily hassle from the commute, while feeling under control, more and more people enjoy having the opportunity to work at home, whether it’s full-time or just occasionally. Yet, being under the roof of your home doesn’t always guarantee safety and optimum health, as working from home also … Read more

Depression and the Importance of Talking About It

Depression and the Importance of Talking About It

Depression is not a new mental illness, and in fact, it was first noted during the Mesopotamian times where it was called melancholia. Depression is a fairly common but serious illness that can affect men and women of all ages. Most people believe that depression is a side-effect of being weak or … Read more

Essential Oils That Contribute to a Glowing Complexion

Essential Oils

Sure, skincare products help you achieve that enviable skin, but have you ever heard of essential oils that work the same? There’s no better cure than natural, essential oils. They do wonders on the skin, and if you’re new to using them, make sure to do research first to find out the … Read more

Unexpected Health Risks of Working from Home

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Most of us dream of working from home because we want to skip all the hassle of the long commute to the office, avoid toxic workmates, and sit on endless meetings. Today, technology makes it easy for some jobs to have a work-from-home set-up. Now that sounds like fun, right? Working from … Read more

Having a Side Hustle While Working from Home

Having a side hustle while working from home

Working from home has merited us extra to spend more time on hobbies, our favorite TV shows, to try out new activities, reconnect with ourselves, and more. Despite the pandemic being on a rage, more and more people are realizing many opportunities while being stuck at home, including earning money in the … Read more